Doosan Premium Hydraulic Oil Pre-Launched

Doosan Pre-Launch Premium Oil

The Doosan team is pleased to announce special promotions for the pre-launch of Premium Hydraulic oil.

Doosan Premium Hydraulic Oil

Doosan Genuine 4000 Hours Premium Hydraulic Oil – specially developed by DOOSAN’s R&D team – maximizes the productivity and efficiency of DOOSAN machines. Thanks to its 4000 hours of long-life, this premium hydraulic oil also reduces your total cost of ownership (TCO).

Doosan Hydraulic20 l941-00804B
Premium (4000 h) VG46200 l 941-00805C

Benefits of Premium Hydraulic Oil

  • TCO reduction with 4000 hours of long-life
  • Improved oxidation stability
  • Better heat stability
  • Improved friction performance

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