UK Power Networks releases an ‘Excavation Animation’ as part of its Be Bright Stay Safe Campaign

UK Power Networks

UK Power Networks is the biggest electricity distribution company in the UK.

Every year, workers are killed, or seriously injured, when they accidentally come into contact with high voltage underground cables. With this in mind, UK Power Networks has recently launched its excavation safety animation as part of their Be Bright, Stay Safe Campaign, which focuses on how workers can stay safe around the electricity network when at work.

Excavation workers are considered a high risk group for coming into contact with underground cables. Often, this is because excavation workers are at danger when carrying out daily working practices, including digging, drilling, construction and demolition.

The ‘Be Bright Stay Safe’ campaign aims to remind builders, excavation and construction trades of the serious health and safety risks associated with underground electricity service cables. This is specifically because underground cables carry a powerful electrical charge, which can be conducted through machinery and equipment.

Distractions, long working hours, and rushing to get the job done can all impact on how we work and our safety. The campaign hopes to raise awareness of the risks of the electricity network, and to increase understanding of how to work safely, to help protect the health and safety of workers.

UK Power Networks have a large range of FREE safety materials.

UK Power Networks has released a large range of FREE charge safety materials to help educate people who may be working around the electricity network, as well as offering FREE safety stickers and leaflets for inside machinery. You can request your FREE safety stickers by clicking on the image below or emailing the Be Bright Stay Safe team.

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