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The Biggest Machinery On The Planet

The world is packed full of exciting machinery. From the smallest plant, to the largest heavy machinery, there is so much out there to explore. To satisfy your plant needs, we’ve compiled a list of some of the largest machinery in the world. Take a look!

Giant Bucket Wheel Excavator

Bagger 293 stands at an impressive 96 meters tall and is 225 meters long. It weights 14,061 tonnes, that’s over 31 million pounds! Built in Germany in 1995, the bucket-wheel excavator requires 5 people at a time to operate it. Astonishingly, it can move over 8.5 million cubic feet of earth per day.


Word’s Biggest Dump Truck

The Belaz 75710 is powered by a hybrid-diesel engine and was built to move earth and rubble. The machine has two 16-cylinder engines which allow for 13,738 pounds of torque. The Belaz’s power outdoes the joint force of 17 heavy-duty pickup trucks, and can carry 450 tons of dirt at 25mph. The machine weights 800,000 pounds and features two turntable axles. These two axles give the beast its eight 63″ ehrrld s 65-foot turning radius. Its length is an astonishing 67-feet and costs $3 million.

World’s Largest Bulldozer

The D575A-3SD is an impressive 5 meters tall, 14.5 meters long and 7 meters wide. It holds the record for the worlds largest and most powerful production bulldozer. Manufactured by Komatsu in Japan, the machine is mostly active in North America and Australia. The machine can dig to a maxium depth of 2.06m, and can move 125 cubic yards of material per pass if using an optional blade.

Massive Earth Mover

This P and H L-2350 Loader has a standard bucket of 40.52 cubic meters and a 2300 horsepower engine. Used for surface mining, the lifting payload of the machine is 72 tons. The machine has a lift height of 24-feet, and a 11.5-foot reach. It has an operational weight of 160 tons, and costs around $1.5 million.

Impressive Taisun Crane

The crane has a payload of over 20,000 tonnes, and is kept at the Yantai Raffles Shipyard in China. The crane won the record for the “heaviest weight lifted by crane” in 2018, at 20,133 metric tonnes. It’s height is 133 meters, although it’s maximum lift is 80 meters. The machines dry dock length is 380 meters and wire rope length is 50,000 meters. It’s span is 120 meters.

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