Innovative technology: autonomous tandem roller ROBOMAG

BOMAG have worked together with the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in order to develop the possibility of converting road rollers into autonomous systems. ROBOMAG was born as a technological study of what is achievable with the state-of-the-art technology available today.

BOMAG’S innovative fully autonomous tandem roller ROBOMAG for asphalt compaction uses GPS, LIDAR and other sensors to compact autonomously, demonstrating how fully autonomous construction machines are not a dream, but a reality. Demonstrated live at multiple industry shows, the technology continuously wowed visitors witnessing the machine in action.

ROBOMAG can be used completely independently in a defined work area, as it automatically adjusts the compaction force depending on sensor feedback. The machine can be remote-controlled or directed to follow predetermined lines.

Alongside the automatic mode, the ROBOMAG is able to follow manually entered movement patterns, meaning that the roller can act autonomously even with more specialised compaction tasks. In order to avoid collisions, ROBOMAG detects objects with its sensory environment recognition feature. In the event of an emergency, the mechanical stop system works in all operating modes, reacting instantaneously.

ROBOMAG features BOMAG’s own ASPHALT MANAGER 2 technology takes care of automated intelligent compaction control. The management technology continuously monitors and documents the performance of ROBOMAG. 

See the smart technology behind the ASPHALT MANAGER 2 visualised in a video here:

If more autonomous machinery like this populated construction sites, such technology could help address the rising eventuality of an even bigger industry-wide skills shortage.

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