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Plant Planet’s second digital conference, The Efficient Future commenced successfully on the 19th of October 2021. The industry gathered to share ideas on cutting-edge developments in how to increase efficiency within the construction plant industry.

Declan Curry chaired the conference, leading The Efficient Future’s discussion and engaging the audience with questions.

The Efficient Future hosted a range of speakers who are real change-makers within the construction industry and lead an exploration on how to improve work safety, costs, and time management on construction sites, particularly with the events over the past year.

The conference featured an industry leading line up of the likes of:

  • Kevin Minton – Construction Plant Hire Association
  • Ian Barnes – SITECH
  • Josh Marshall – Topcon Positioning Systems
  • Aidan McGeary – Green Power Systems
  • John Day – Yanmar Industrial Engines

The event saw an audience of professionals in the industry, as well as the likes of contractors, plant operators, OEMs and more, which created a unique environment of expertise, networking and knowledge-sharing.

Catch up with the full conference video upload here:

Check out our industry leading lineup as they tackle some of the key topics within the industry!

Aidan McGeary kicks off the discussion as he explores The Energy Transition within the plant and construction industry.

Ian Barnes follows as the next speaker of The Efficient Future and explores how digitalisation is shaping the future of construction.

Josh Marshall is the next in line as he showcases SmoothRide workflow -Topcon`s Exclusive Non Optical 3D Paving Machine Control Solution.

John Day explores Stage V emissions and Yanmar engine solutions.

Kevin Minton rounds up the conference with an exploration into the general outlook for the construction industry and how plant hire can lead to a better future.

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