Hiab Customer is Making all the Right Noises


A family-run merchant has once again shown how protecting the environment and reducing noise levels can work hand-in-hand with increased productivity.

As more UK councils become aware of a need to tackle noise pollution and traffic flows, particularly in residential areas, timber and builders’ merchants Lawsons is leading the way in effective solutions that were recently highlighted as ‘best in industry.’

Using a 26-tonne Eco Truck equipped with a HIAB X-HiPro 142 loader crane and powered by Hiab’s zero-emission ultra-quiet ePTO solution, Lawsons was awarded with the ‘Silent Approach’ title at the John Connell Awards, presented by the Noise Abatement Society.

The Noise Abatement Society’s, John Connell Awards 2021 held at The Terrace Pavilion, House of Commons, Palace of Westminster, London. Awards were presented to industry , companies and individuals celebrating their achievements in the reducing noise and making a difference where noise matters.

The Silent Approach award rewards significant advances in industry awareness and best practice to reduce noise from operations and logistics.

Lawsons has a fleet of over 90 commercial vehicles operating from 17 branches in-and-around London and operating from the company’s Camden depot the Eco Truck regularly delivers building materials into sensitive urban zones.

“The reality is that, as builders’ merchants, we have a responsibility to not only reduce our emissions but also protect local communities. This is not just about falling in line with council policies, but about doing the right thing. The Eco Truck has enabled us to do just that and at no cost to our productivity levels. Our hope now is that other companies will see the benefits and follow our approach.”

David Harvey, Projects Manager for Lawsons


The Eco Truck has a 7.8-litre natural gas engine producing 70% less NOx than its diesel equivalent, 99% fewer particulates and up-to 15% less CO2. Its gas-engine is also 50% quieter than an equivalent diesel, and the HIAB crane is powered via a battery-pack providing near silent operation.

It is the third time Hiab products have won national recognition at the John Connell Awards; winning the Technology Award for the electric MOFFETT truck mounted forklift in 2012, and in 2018, a Quiet Logistics accolade for the benefits achieved when Hiab’s customer Pets at Home switched to a fleet of electric MOFFETTs.

John Bailey, Director, International Key Accounts & OEMs at Hiab, said: “Lawsons are a prime example of a company who have taken changing and challenging circumstances and used them as a positive for their operations. The need to reduce both noise and emissions is here to stay, yet solutions exist that ensure such considerations do not come at the expense of performance and productivity. Hiab is proud to have again be recognised for our ground-breaking work in partnership with forward-thinking customers.”

Gloria Elliott, Noise Abatement Society Chief Executive, added: “NAS applauds Lawsons for setting a high standard for quiet heavy load delivery equipment as part of a customer and resident, and indeed driver, care programme – a great example for other companies to follow.”

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