The MHM Group Launches New Eco Initiative


To meaningfully address the climate crisis, the MHM Group has launched a new sub-brand, ‘MHM Eco’ and sets ambitious targets to cut emissions and be carbon neutral by 2030.

As a leading supplier of a range of sustainable equipment, including solar hybrid generators and lighting towers, the MHM Group has launched a new eco initiative, that offers lower emission solutions to the plant hire and construction sectors.

The Group continues to increase its sustainable hire fleet, with more than 30% of its equipment currently being solar or hybrid-powered, as part of a comprehensive approach to a greener future.

The business will be adding three new, low emission and innovative products to its portfolio this year, which will form part of the ‘MHM Eco’ plan – promoting equipment that emits zero carbon and can be powered by renewable fuel sources.

The Group will be attending a range of events, including the annual Executive Hire Show, which will give MHM Eco an opportunity to demonstrate to the industry the ever-growing efforts it is making in eco-leadership.


Commenting on the new business initiative, MHM Group Managing Director Mat Llewellyn said: ‘It’s so important for the hire sector to make strides in innovation and look at how we can reduce our carbon footprint for the long term.

“The launch of our MHM Eco brand will support the team’s efforts to ensure that both our new equipment for sale and our hire fleet becomes yet more sustainable, and means that we can offer greater solutions to the hire and construction sectors on eliminating harmful carbon emissions.”

MHM Group has recently confirmed that all of its diesel-powered machinery, principally generators and lighting towers, are now fully compatible, approved and safe for use with HVO fuel. HVO is a premium quality fuel made from 100% renewable raw materials, and can reduce CO₂ emissions by up to 90% when likened with fossil-fuel diesel.

Mat continued “The MHM Group will continue to advise businesses within the construction and plant industries to consider switching to HVO fuel as a greener, more sustainable alternative. We are also investing heavily in other renewables, such as solar and battery hybrid machines, as part of our comprehensive approach to a sustainable future and to being carbon neutral by 2030.”

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