New British Designed and Made PAV, Navigator 6.0 Is Set To Revolutionise How We Work at Low Height


International Platforms, the UK-based independent marketplace for new and used MEWPs, is bringing a ground-breaking new addition from its stock list to Vertikal Days on 11th and 12th May.  

The Navigator 6.0 push-around was unveiled to the public in February by UK designer and manufacturer, Metal and Modular Fabrication Services. With demand expected to be high, they have teamed up with access platform specialist, International Platforms, who will market and deliver the machines to workplaces throughout the UK and Ireland.

Lee Crosse, Executive Strategic Officer of Metal and Modular, said that the concept for the new MEWP came from talking to pav users who were looking for a machine that could solve some specific problems; a wider working height range, cost savings and improved safety features.

Said Lee:

“If, for example, you have a job that involves working at 3m and 6m, you will normally have to change machines to do it. We worked out a way for our pav to safely reach a working height of 6m without using batteries or hydraulics. The operative simply steps in, turns a handle which raises the platform, including the operator, materials and tools, to their chosen working height up to 6m.”

Vicki Allen, MD of International Platforms added:

“When we met Lee to look at the new Navigator 6.0, we were impressed by how sustainable and cost effective it is to run. The Navigator has zero carbon emissions and, as it doesn’t need charging, there is less downtime. It can be used 24 hours a day if needed which is great for businesses which need to run efficiently throughout the day and night.


“Whether you’re running a factory, warehouse or maintenance project, you’ll definitely appreciate the savings in service and repair costs, which are much lower than powered MEWPs with hydraulics and motors to maintain.”

Lee commented that safety concerns are also important as, when working at low heights, many employers have to call out operators for climbing over railings and being tempted into taking short cuts to save time.

“Integrated in the Navigator 6.0’s design are anti-climb vertical guardrails, gravity sensing and locking gates and safe tethering solutions for tools. It’s also wind rated up to 12m/s when operated outdoors and we’re pleased to have won UKCA certification meeting EN80 requirements.”

On choosing International Platforms as its partner, Lee said:

“We wanted to work with someone everyone trusts. Vicki Allen and her business, International Platforms, is renowned throughout the industry and she is not just a ‘dealer’. She’s a game changer and has shown that women can work successfully in a business traditionally dominated by men.”

Vicki added:

“It is a privilege to have been chosen by Metal and Modular to market and distribute this fantastic new machine (The Navigator 6.0). We’re really looking forward to bringing it to the UK and Ireland marketplace and, as it stands out head and shoulders above typical pavs on the market, expect demand to be high.

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