Back to School: Studying for Your Career

There are many pathways into construction out there to choose from. So how do you know which one is best for you? We take a look at some of the best colleges and universities for anything construction related.

Before choosing which school to apply for, its necessary that you have at least a vague idea of which area of construction you are interested in. The best school for construction management will vary from the best school for civil engineering, so it matters which line of work you want to get into before choosing where to study.

Aston University

This particular university is great for anything practical related. Research and technology are just some of the university’s strong points. Not only this, but if you’re looking to do a work placement then this university may be great for you. Work placements are typical as part of a course programme. If you want to apply for roles relating to building and project management, quantity surveying, contracting, local government or service sector jobs, the university’s ‘Construction Project Management’ course is definitely worth considering.


Loughborough University

With a world leading reputation for research and collaboration with industry, Loughborough Univerisity’s school of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering could be perfect for you. The university has been named as one of four Royal Academy of Engineering Centers of Excellence in Sustainable Building design, supporting its title as 1st in the UK for Building and Built Environment. Additionally, the university’s construction management course is the longest established of its kind in the UK.

University of Glasgow

As second on the Civil Engineering League Table (2020) to Cambridge University, the University of Glasgow offers exceptional programmes. The university offers a 4 year Bachelor degree and a 5 year Masters degree. Moreover, the university boasts a CLUB 21 work experience programme, which ‘offers well-paid summer placements and, in some cases, sponsorship’ according to the University’s website.

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)

If you’d prefer e-learning to attending lectures on a campus, RICS’s Certificate in Construction Project Management is an appropriate alternative. Whilst this course recommends that you have attended a foundation course in Quantity Surveying or have 2 years construction project management experience, it is less than half the price of a degree, costing just £995 (excl. VAT). The 6 month long course leaves individuals with a 200hrs formal CPD upon completion.

Open Study College

This college offers distance-learning options for those wanting to get into the construction industry, including a ‘Level 3 Certificate in Construction Technologies Theory’, and ‘Level 3 Certificate in Surveying Technologies Theory’. The courses are available for £429 each, and offer payment plans from £23.72 per month.

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