Chieftain Trailers join the Red Knight 6 Ltd portfolio of partners

Cheiftrain trailers join RK6

Northern Ireland based trailer manufacturer Chieftain Trailers and Red Knight 6 Ltd (RK6) have agreed to partner, with RK6 becoming a distributor for the South of England and the Channel Islands.

With over 40 years’ experience in manufacturing industry leading trailers, Chieftain Trailers originally made their name in the agricultural industry, but have subsequently taken their expertise into new sectors, developing trailers for rail, commercial enterprise and forestry industries.RK6 will be acting as distributor for the entire Chieftain range, but it’s the RK6 focus on the recycling and waste industries that excited Chieftain.

“We are well known within certain sectors, and we know the RK6 team can sell across all of them, but our offering across other areas, such as waste is not so well known in the marketplace. By working with the RK6 we hope to change that. We have opted to work with RK6 because of the company’s experience in working across the recycling and waste industries,”

Chieftain joins a growing list of business that are distributed by the RK6 team, which includes RubbleMaster, Anaconda and Komplet. The waste and recycling products from Chieftain, which include scrap trailers and several skip trailers supporting both hook and chain lift systems, fit well with the existing list of partners, according to Paul Donnelly of RK6:

“In our industry we are seeing a greater need for flexibility. Not just in the capability of the machines that we offer to market, but also in the needs of our customers in terms of either moving material, or simply moving equipment. We have to move with our customers in terms of what we offer,” commented Paul.

“There are some obvious synergies with some of the machines we offer as well. Look at the Komplet range, compact and highly mobile, easily transportable on a good quality trailer from site to site. That’s just one example of moving machines, then there is the movement of material to consider as well. Like all the partners we work with, Chieftain focus on quality and that enables us to make sure our customers are getting the best product to suit their needs.

RK6 has started working with Chieftain across Southern England, Wales and the Channel Islands. For more information on Chieftain Trailers contact the RK6 team on [email protected]

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