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19th October 2021

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Time Management

Cost Effectiveness

Safety Solutions

Green Technology


Declan Curry

Conference Chair

Declan Curry returns to host Plant Planet’s next conference The Efficient Future. 


Joshua Marshall

Strategic and OEM Account Manager

Joshua supports Topcon’s existing customer network as well as offering fresh new products to the UK Construction Market.


John Day

General Manager, Industrial engines

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Watch The Digital Future

Digital Technology provides a pivotal role in the Construction Plant sector that is only due to grow over the next few years. On the 11th May 2021 the industry gathered online to discuss how technology will impact the future of construction. Missed it? The Digital Future is available to watch on our Youtube channel now!

What people said about
The Digital Future

"The Digital Future ran very smoothly from beginning to end, due to the nature of virtual events you never know when something will stop working. Even when there was a small blip on our side, it was solved within a minute, so we were very impressed. The concept of discussing the future in a time that some may see no end with COVID-19 is still very prominent in the world. It was great to hear positive messages from people in the industry regarding innovation and future developments as it was a nice break away from the general news that has been circulated over the last year. We’d like to thank Plant Planet for hosting the event and allowing us to speak."
Emily Traverse
"The Plant Planet conference was fantastic - well organised with polished delivery. Since 2020, we have all had to embrace virtual ways of working and meeting. Many of these can be fatiguing but Plant Planet demonstrated exactly how a virtual event should be run. Plenty of pre-event reminders, easy to join and the perfect balance of timings with good content and speakers. Thoughtful physical items sent to accompany the conference made you feel part of one of the best professional digital events I’ve experienced."
Twim Watson
McCloskey equipment ltd

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