Diggerland Competition Winners Announced!

Plant Planet have announced the Competition winners for our Diggerland Competition. Congratulations to our three lucky winners of a family day out!

Here at Plant Planet we had the opportunity to go to Diggerland to experience a day out for ourselves, and we think it’s worth the trip! Here’s two of our staff talking about their experiences at two of the Diggerland Parks this summer:

Our business manager Darren headed out with his son, Luke, for a long weekend in Devon, taking the opportunity to stop at Diggerland for their Saturday activity. He said:

“I think the thing I liked the most about our trip was the enthusiasm of the staff. They were constantly positive with my son and encouraged him even if he was unsure about operating any of the machines. As a result, Luke was very engaged with all the activities. I felt like his fun and, more importantly, his safety was always put first. Luke really enjoyed getting involved on all the rides and didn’t mind if he was operating a machine or riding in one – just so long as he could be near the action. His favorite by far was Stack Attack the Avant Articulated Loader. He loved working towards a goal – and loved knocking the stack he’d built over straight after even more!

As a parent, I started the day thinking I would be taking a back seat and letting Luke take the lead. At one point I literally did – being driven in a 4×4 around a track by your 9-year-old kid is not something you’ll experience every day! After a while though, I found myself making little excuses so I could have a go behind the sticks too!

Our Editor, Hannah, also had the opportunity to go. This time to the park in Kent. Unlike Darren, there we’re no kids on this outing. Very much like Darren, the big kid came out in her and her partner, Jon.

“When I came home with tickets to Diggerland, my sports-mad partner rolled his eyes at me. Nothing, he was convinced, nothing would tempt him to go to a ‘kids’ theme park. Even after talking him round, he was still skeptical. Having no small children in our lives, we decided to use the tickets for a ‘date day’ together. It wasn’t long after we arrived that I realized that our competitive natures were coming out in full force. This wasn’t discouraged. In fact, the staff egged us on as we tried to beat each other’s time, accuracy, and style on each machine. The day became something of a tournament.

Any hope of an advantage for me, however, was quickly dashed as Jon realized that driving a digger is a bit like using a video game controller.

Jon particularly enjoyed Stack Attack, managing to beat me by 2 tires. I really enjoyed the smaller machines, particularly trying to hook a duck. I think the best part of the day might have been the simplest ride though. We both went back two or three times to the Dirt Diggers – I managed to dig the bigger hole! It really was one of the most fun dates we’ve had for a while – next time we go I’m sure I’ll win!”

If you fancy taking advantage of this great weather, head to Diggerland’s website, where you can check opening times and park locations!

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