Europe’s Biggest Machine Manufacturer, Volvo CE, Integrated in with the ABAX Interface


The construction sector accounts for a significant amount of the CO2 emissions worldwide, and is still far behind in the green transition. With all Volvo machines now available in ABAX Smart Connect, the digitalisation of the industry can accelerate and help reduce climate emissions – using technology that is already installed and ready for use. 

Cheaper solutions over sustainable  

A new report conducted by Ramirent in Sweden shows that cheaper alternatives are often chosen in favor of sustainable solutions, despite the fact that the cheap alternatives rarely prove to be cost-saving. With the right sustainability measures, which can be easily implemented, climate emissions from the construction industry can be drastically reduced. 

Top four leading heavy equipment manufactures available 

ABAX is a telematics company that has minimised the digital threshold for the construction industry. With ABAX Smart Connect, they have made it easier for fleet owners to be aware of their emissions.  

The top leading manufacturers* such as Catepillar, Hitachi and John Deere are already connected to ABAX Smart Connect. When Volvo now joins, the service will be available for a significant number of machine fleets worldwide.

Through ABAX Smart Connect, construction companies receive ongoing status updates on their machines. In practice, this means greater control over companies’ unnecessary operating and service costs, and a daily status update on companies’ consumption and compilation of CO2 footprints. The technology is already installed in all Volvo machines, and the only thing left in order to use the digital tool is a connection to ABAX Smart Connect

Volvo is a significant supplier of machines to the Scandinavian market. The opportunity to be able to connect to technology that is already installed in Volvo’s machines will enable major gains for both the environment and costs. We must all take responsibility and take advantage of the development opportunities that exist, not least in an industry with a major impact on society. We want to inspire others in the industry to make a difference and expand their digital services, says Paul Walsh, CTO of ABAX. 


According to the Paris Agreement, today’s emissions of greenhouse gases will be reduced by 40 percent by 2030. Emissions from the construction industry have a direct impact on how all of the individual countries will contribute to the common goal for the EU. The key method of reaching the target is digitisation and smarter reporting, which is available online and via an app when using ABAX Smart Connect

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