GAP Goes Solar with Trime Lighting Towers


The largest independent hire company in the UK GAP Group Hire Solutions is aiming to become net-zero by 2040.

Prompted by customer demand, environmental benefits, and low operational costs GAP has confirmed its commitment to offering sustainable alternatives to fossil-fuel-powered machinery by investing in a substantial fleet of sustainable site lighting equipment from the leading manufacturer Trime.

GAP currently has well over one hundred solar-only and solar/hybrid lighting towers. Their fleet is made up of Trime X-SOLAR and X-SOLAR/HYBRID sets. The Trime X-SOLAR lighting tower is an emission-free tower light that operates solely from solar and battery power, with energy-saving LED lamps. For carbon-neutral site lighting, the X-SOLAR is the ideal lighting solution. The Trime X-SOLAR HYBRID is an advanced lighting tower that operates from the latest solar and battery combination, backed up by a small fuel-efficient diesel engine. For long periods the X-SOLAR HYBRID delivers noise-free, emission-free site lighting.

GAP report that the X-SOLAR HYBRID is popular with highway contracts, as it operates principally emission and noise-free during daylight with the back-up of a small diesel engine should their project require regular night working. In addition, the X-SOLAR sets are particularly popular in sensitive environments where noise is not permitted, such as residential areas, hospitals, schools, etc.


Ken Stewart, GAP’s Head of Procurement commented, “We see an increase in our clients asking for solar only and solar hybrid sets as an alternative to diesel-powered units. The feedback we’ve had from these clients has been very positive. They appreciate the low-operational costs and all the environmental benefits the lights offer.”

“We intend to continue to invest in these lights. We get great unrivalled support from Trime. They`ve been very proactive in training both our valued customers and our depot staff in terms of the safe operation of these models and ongoing routine maintenance to maintain machine longevity and optimum performance, added Ken, “We have a long standing successful relationship with the Trime management at all levels” .

GAP Hire Solutions has eleven individual divisions and a nationwide network of depots offering market-leading equipment. GAP employs over 1,800 people and their Charitable Foundation, GAP Giving has donated over £518,000 to more than 528 different charities across the UK and further afield.

The Trime Group has over 50 years of experience in the manufacture, development, and marketing of environmentally sustainable lighting sets for the rail, off-shore, event, construction, and rental markets. Trime UK is headquartered in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire; their manufacturing plants are based near Milan, Italy.

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