GGR Group, no.1 for lifting solutions, has announced the launch of their new Multi Loader website for the sale of tracked carriers and tracked levellers.

This new brand came with the recent increasing demand for Multi Loader products in the industry. Versatile and designed for transporting loads on job sites this product has proved an asset to both everyday and unique projects.

Originally introduced to GGR Group’s extensive fleet in 2018 the Multi Loader is representative of GGR’s eye for innovation and a product’s potential in construction. Officially partnering with AlmaCrawler in 2021 GGR Group became the UK dealer partner for the Material Handling Multi-Loader Line. Through years of hiring in the region, Multi Loaders have become essential to any job site handling heavy materials.

The launch of the Multi Loader website was the natural next step as a lifting specialist aiming to bring innovative and valuable products to the UK market. By bringing a spotlight to the Multi Loaders on a separate website we can continue to highlight their use as an essential partner for working alongside plant machinery as well as their efficacy independently.

With the fresh and user-friendly design of the Multi Loader website, we also bring you products not previously seen on the GGR Group Tracked Carriers page. You will see the addition of the Multi Loader 3.0 Tracked Leveller, the T-Crane 1060, and Multi Loader 3.0 FX attachments such as a Multiframe and Dumper Kit.

Daniel Ezzatvar, Marketing and Special Products Director at GGR Group, said: “The launch of the new Multi Loader website comes at an exciting time when tracked carriers and tracked levellers have taken the construction industry by storm. This unique piece of technology offers a way for users to safely transport materials across rough terrain and inclines but is still suitable for indoor lifts due to the Multi Loader’s low ground bearing pressure and producing zero emissions.

“This project is a collaboration of efforts from the marketing team who really have a passion for innovation and what it means for the industry as a whole. The products on this new site will hopefully pave the way for more practical and safer material handling throughout the UK. We also hope to develop more uses for these already multifunctional machines in the years to come.”

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