Live video demonstration of the industrial-scale digestor Advetec XO machine!


Have you ever wondered how waste gets eaten?

Mixed Residual Waste (arising from Commercial and Trade premises) cannot be recycled conventionally due to contamination. So what can be done to bring it back into the circular economy? How can we avoid burning it at EfW or sending it to landfill?

The biotechnology company Advetec is opening the doors to its workshop to explain how technology can treat the ‘forgotten waste’ contributing to the circular economy.

Richard Goff, the Chief Operations Officer, will be showing three XO machines XO3, XO6 and the biggest XO22 capable of multi-machine-configuration. Through a live video stream, he will demonstrate how the machines process the mixed residual waste and halve its tonnage. He’ll walk through the design and robust engineering it takes to build a machine that goes through large volumes of waste in most remote locations.

The live XO video tour will be followed by a Q&A with Jim Lovett, CEO, Dr Stephen Wise, Chief Strategic Development Officer and Lee Knott, Chief Commercial Officer. They will be answering questions from the audience and talking about the waste landscape.

Why is this a unique event?

It isn’t every day that we can see live how an industrial-scale digestor machine is built and have an opportunity to speak directly to the team behind it.

At a time of financial uncertainty, it is important to look for ways to cut and stabilize operational costs while reducing environmental impact. Advetec XO machines not only improve your green credentials but reduce the waste mass by 50% saving your transportation and offtake costs.  

The XO machines process respectively from up to 1.5T to up to 10T of contaminated waste per day turning it into Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF). Advetec works with a network of SRF offtakes to allow their customers to access a more sustainable waste disposal solution at a lower price. 

The in-vessel rapid aerobic digestion process aided by unique bio-stimulants, removes organic material from contaminated waste, creating an output that can be used as a fuel replacement and is compliant with AT4 tests. AT4 tests measure the stability of biodegradable waste and consider whether it will break down further and are relevant to Scottish and Irish waste markets in particular.

Further to that, responding to customers’ requests, Advetec is undertaking further full-scale trials on additional waste streams, including working in partnership with a large commercial waste processing site in the Republic of Ireland. It is expected that the trials will help demonstrate that the output from certain feedstocks can be used as a valuable soil improver that can be recycled back to land to replace lost nutrients and add valuable organic matter to help protect the soil from erosion.


Jim Lovett, Advetec’s CEO adds: “Our AT4 compliance and our appetite for ongoing trials demonstrates our evidence-based approach to improving waste management practices and helping the industry think differently. We must consider the myriad uses technology can have to tackle waste challenges– whether that’s helping to recycle it back to land or turning it into valuable Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF).”

Advetec’s Chief Strategic Development Officer Dr Stephen Wise concluded: “While the AT4 results show our waste can go to landfill, we are still committed to encouraging waste handlers to recover the value of floc in a more sustainable way, such as sending it for processing as SRF. We’re working with a network of SRF offtakes to ensure there’s the appropriate infrastructure to do this as turning waste into SRF delivers significant savings on gate fees and contributes greatly to the circular economy.” 

The company trades around the world, with their biggest clients in USA and UK. Recently they’ve entered Irish waste market, winning a contract for their XO22 machine.

The live stream tour is an opportunity to see the machines and ask questions, save your spot at the link below.

11am – 12pm, 21st July register at

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