McGovern Plant Hire integrates Xwatch safety systems with Hitachi Construction Machinery for enhanced on-site safety

In a significant step towards enhancing on-site safety in the construction industry for its customers, McGovern Plant Hire has announced a collaboration with Xwatch Safety Solutions. This partnership has incorporated advanced safety systems into their new fleet of Hitachi machines. Hitachi Construction Machinery UK is an Xwatch OEM (original equipment manufacturer) supply partner, a further commitment of the construction industry towards creating safer job sites.

McGovern Plant Hire, based in Hounslow, Middlesex, is known for its vast experience of over 30 years in the operated and non-operated plant hire sector. In addition to providing reliable plant hire solutions across London and the South East of England, the company has significantly contributed to major infrastructure projects, including HS2.

The recent order from Hitachi Construction Machinery UK (HCMUK) saw a substantial selection of excavators outfitted with Xwatch Height and Slew safety systems. The integration of these systems ensures that McGovern’s mixed fleet of tracked and wheeled excavators are optimised for sites with restricted height zones and busy sites with continuous personnel and machinery movement.

These safety measures will enable operators to adjust the arm height and cab slew to fit the specific needs of the site and task. In addition, the ease of inputting parameters into the onboard computer ensures the effective implementation of enhanced safety measures.

Xwatch Safety Solutions’ innovative systems, combined with the performance and reliability of Hitachi machinery, will allow McGovern Plant Hire to continue its commitment to workplace safety, reinforcing its reputation as a leading player in the UK’s plant hire sector.

Shane  Sherbourne, Managing Director, McGovern Plant Hire commented on the new partnership, he said “Xwatch Safety Solutions go hand in hand with Hitachi Construction Machinery; with Xwatch we take pride in its innovative safety systems, and Hitachi we thrive knowing their second-to-none performance machinery.

Our most recent order from HCMUK came with a large selection of excavators fitted with Xwatch height and slew safety systems. This means that when our mixed fleet of tracked and wheeled excavators arrive to our clients on site, we know that when they work on sites with restricted height zones, or on bustling sites with continually moving personnel and machinery, the arm height and cab slew can be restricted to meet the need of the site and job at hand. The simplicity of inputting the parameters into the onboard computer makes light work of heightened safety on site, something McGovern Plant Hire prides itself on achieving.”

Shane added, “We’d like to thank Xwatch Safety Solutions for their continuous support of our fleet expansion and we look forward to seeing our relationship and fleet expand over the next 18 months.”

Jemma Dycer Hopkins, Business Manager,  Xwatch Safety Solutions, expressed her appreciation for the support shown by McGovern in choosing their Xwatch products. “We’re grateful for the trust McGovern and HCMUK has put in our products. Our systems help keep their operations safe, and that gives peace of mind to both McGovern and their customers.” Looking towards the future, she added, “We’re keen to continue supporting the expansion of McGovern’s fleet into 2024 and beyond.”

Talking about the Xwatch systems, Jemma said “The XW4 and XW5 systems are simple yet very effective tools that enhance the safety of machinery operation. We sold almost 300 Xwatch units in June and July alone – with more orders coming in daily.

The XW4 system allows operators to control the height and movement of the machines easily and the XW5 system is designed to monitor the machine’s capacity and overall safety, creating a much safer workspace for operators and site personnel.”

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