BKT AGRIMAX: The Response to Agriculture 4.0

The BKT Agrimax foce

The AGRIMAX range is BKT’s response to demands from modern agriculture, in which ‘respecting the land’ is a key parameter of Sustainability.

The agricultural future depends on coordinated efforts which imply culture, dialogue and international cooperation, and this must be accompanied by technological development of machines and components. The future of agriculture means concerted collaboration. BKT is part of it.

BKT Tyres, June 2020


Agriculture 4.0

The term ‘precision agriculture’ is not new in the industry. The farming technique, in which GPS satellite systems are mounted on machinery to help map the land, grew out of a need to create more sustainable farming techniques. In 2015 The action programme for people, planet and prosperity was signed by the governments of the 193 members of the UN. As a result, sustainable farming has been placed in the spotlight in an attempt to reduce food waste as a result of ‘unsuitable agricultural practices’.

Precision agriculture helps farmers to understand the geographical layout of their land in order to organise crops. However, precision agriculture is not enough to combat the unsustainable practices in a world of unexpected and unforeseen climate changes. Thus, Agriculture 4.0 has been born.

Agriculture 4.0, is the most sustainable agriculture possible. It incorporates a vast array of technological advances to produce the most sustainable results possible. From better controlled organic seeds, to recycled water, renewable energy and the smart tractor, Agriculture 4.0 has taken hold in the industry.

BKT Agrimax: Supporting the Sustainable Revolution

Machines working as a part of Agriculture 4.0 must, BKT claims, need specific tyres. These tyres will have different characteristics depending on the land and the work carried out by the machines.

Given this growing demand, BKT has for some years embraced new Flexion (IF) and Very High Flexion (VF) technologies:

An IF tire is designed to transport 20% more weight at the same air pressure as a standard tire. The air pressure could be reduced by 20% and have the same weight as a standard tire. Similarly, a VF tire is designed to transport 40% more weight at the same air pressure as a standard tire. BKT assert that this technology ‘significantly reduces impact on soil’.

The range of BKT AGRIMAX radial tires has been created to meet the needs of new agriculture. In some models in particular, IF and VF technologies have been applied:



This is the latest arrival. A winning technological mix which improves the performance of new generation tractors thanks to reduced soil compaction, and higher load capacity (+40%) at the same pressure as a standard tire of the same size.



This tyre is specifically designed for high-power tractors (over 250 CV). Thanks to IF technology which has been revisited by BKT, this tire boasts greater load capacity at lower inflation pressures compared to standard tires of the same size.


Designed for high-power combine harvesters and spreaders, the AGRIMAX TERIS has ‘excellent flotation capacity which guarantees the best possible protection of the land and excellent harvesting performance’ as it can take very high loads. In addition, it is resistant to cuts and impacts, guaranteeing a long life cycle and reducing machine stoppage.


This tyre stands out among the products for row crops. It is a range equipped with VF technology, thanks to which it is possible to transport heavy loads at reduced tire pressure, for row-crop applications.

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