Well would you look at that? Autumn has arrived! And perhaps it is the wonderfully spooky season that has inspired us to pack this issue with all things technology. After all, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic,” and telematics are so advanced nowadays, we can’t be 100% certain there isn’t a magic wand involved somewhere along the line. So what lies in store for you this issue? Have you ever had any plant or equipment stolen? Or is it something you fear, that keeps you up all night with worry? Well, don’t worry! Plant Planet has a whole host of possible solutions for you, both technological and otherwise. We also look at the latest in construction telematics, giving you all the tips and tricks for finding the best app for you and your business. Avant Tecno brings us our cover story this month, giving us the low down on Leguan Lifts, whose access solutions truly are at the cutting edge of technology. SMT and Targa Telematics are our company profiles.


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