What’s that? This is the biggest issue of Plant Planet of ALL TIME? Why yes. Yes it is! This issue is full to bursting with the most exciting updates in the industry; reviews, profiles, previews, we have it all! And not only that, but this marks our very first issue with brand new mini mag Demolition Spotlight! Are you excited? Well of course you are!Our Front Cover story comes to us courtesy of Flannery, who discuss their commitment to a greener, cleaner future for plant. We also have two fantastic company profiles; Smartequip tackle the challenges in fleet productivity, and Fleetguard give the down low on how filtration and coolants can contribute to increased performance. We have the run down on so many shows in this mag, not least of all the event everyone is talking about, Hillhead 2024! The mining and quarrying show is BACK and we’re bringing you all the incredible insights in our six page preview. Not only that, but we have a sneak peek at the CPA Stars of the Future, an event that champions the up and coming stars of the construction industry. And that’s not all! Both INTERMAT and Scotplant are reviewed, where we tell you all about our amazing experiences at both shows, filled with photos, highlights and more. Life with Lana makes a triumphant return as we follow Lana through a typical day on site, the highs, the lows, and everything in between! And speaking of out and about, I got the incredible honour to be invited to Volvodays 2024, steeping myself in the rich history of Volvo as well as their innovative future. Our features are also entirely mining and quarrying themed, with Vaculug teaming up with us to produce all the best information about Titanic Tech, and a little history lesson on mining and quarrying through the ages.

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