Bobcat introduce the E165 Large Excavator

Bobcat Company expands its excavator lineup with the new E165 Large Excavator

Bobcat Company is expanding its excavator product offering with its newest addition: the Bobcat® E165 large excavator. The E165 large excavator will be the largest excavator in the lineup.

The E165 provides reliable, steady power to save time with every digging cycle. The machine boasts leading lifting capabilities that enables operators to lift more with greater confidence. The E165 also builds on the company’s reputation for delivering exceptional operator comfort and simplified maintenance.

Similar to the E145, the E165 complements the performance of 700 and 800 frame size Bobcat compact track and skid-steer loaders. The new excavator is ideal for heavy digging and lifting operations on commercial and residential building sites, underground utility applications, road and bridge projects.


Powerful performance

The E165 is equipped with a 131 hp engine and conventional tail swing design and boasts an impressive lifting capacity that enables operators to move items with ease, as well as more slew torque for slewing uphill, backfilling, and all-around better productivity. With its advanced hydraulics and powerful pumps, the E165 delivers leading performance.

The E165 has four selectable power modes to give operators adaptable performance to tackle the job at hand. In addition, a convenient power boost button on the right-hand joystick temporarily increases hydraulic power to allow operators to break through hard ground.

  • Power+ mode: Get top work group speed to load trucks in less time or sustain peak performance in the most demanding applications.
  • Power mode: Command impressive power and performance for tough digging, quick loading and heavy lifting. Save even more time with fast travel.
  • Standard power mode: Get balanced performance and reduced fuel usage for routine digging, lifting and grading.
  • Economy mode: Optimize fuel economy when power demands are lower or when doing precise digging and fine grading.

Additional E165 features include:

  • X-Frame Undercarriage: Increases ground clearance and maneuverability in softer ground conditions. The X-frame undercarriage has sloped surfaces that shed debris to prevent material buildup and reduce the time spent cleaning the undercarriage.
  • Smart Power Control: Matches load to engine rpm, hydraulic pump torque and engine response, improving efficiency in any of the four power modes. This feature is only enabled while in digging work mode.
  • Variable Speed Control: Improves fuel efficiency by up to 5% by automatically reducing engine rpm during low workload requirements, such as the slew portion of the dig cycle.
  • Pump Torque Control: Prevents engine overload by matching the hydraulic demand with available engine horsepower.
  • Auto Idle: Idles the engine automatically when machine movement stops for several seconds. This is a standard feature on Bobcat excavators to help save fuel and lower noise to improve operator comfort.
  • Auto Shift: Improves machine responsiveness and controllability by shifting to low range automatically when the load is high and back to high range when the load diminishes.

Exceptional comfort

In addition to increased power, operators will also experience enhanced comfort inside the large cab. The pressurized cab features a seamless sound-isolating seal to keep sound levels extremely low inside the operator station. The cabin is isolated from the frame to reduce noise. Combined with the heated air-suspension seat, Bobcat claim that operators will experience minimized vibration and maximum comfort in a large excavator.

The large cabin provides impressive visibility for operators to the front and sides of the machine. An overhead window provides operators with great visibility above the machine, plus narrow corner pillars and small window joints – as well as a removable lower-front window – provide a view that allows operators to see the work comfortably, without obstruction or strain. Front and top sunshades provide additional protection from eye strain while enhancing comfort.

Other comfort features include a premium heat and air-conditioning system, an easy-to-read 7-inch LCD display panel and standard rearview and sideview cameras.

Bobcat Company expands its excavator lineup with the new E165

Quick Look: E165 Excavator

Rated Horsepower (Gross)131 hp.
Operating Weight38,376 lb.
Arm Digging Force18,077 lbf.
Bucket Digging Force25,794 lbf.
Max Reach at Ground Level28.8 ft.
Dig Depth20 ft.
Maximum Dump Height21.3 ft.
Width8.5 ft.
Tail Swing TypeConventional

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