Champagne Corks Pop as Julie and Sean Celebrate Job News!

JCB job contracts

Husband-and-wife agency employees Julie and Sean McReynolds are jumping for joy – after being handed permanent JCB contracts. 

The couple, of Alton, Staffordshire, both gave up permanent jobs with other employers to take up agency positions with JCB in 2018 – Julie at the World HQ in Rocester and Sean at JCB Earthmovers in Cheadle, Staffordshire.  Now their leap of faith has been rewarded as they are among more than 300 shop floor agency employees across JCB’s UK factories to be given permanent JCB contracts. 

Father-of-three Sean who had spent 20 years in management roles with Boots and Marks & Spencer, said: “We both took a chance giving up permanent jobs to take up agency positions with JCB but we knew it was a great place to work because we have friends employed here.  Even though it was our decision to become agency employees, it feels like a great big weight has been lifted off our shoulders now to get a JCB contract. The change has been brilliant for me and getting a permanent contract is simply the icing on the cake.”

Julie said: “It means such lot for us both to get permanent contracts and our eldest son and his girlfriend sent us a bottle of champagne when we got the news, so we did manage a little celebration.” 

JCB is giving more than 300 agency shop floor agency employees permanent JCB contracts from April and later this year will also give an additional 400 agency shop floor employees with more than a year’s service permanent JCB contracts. The company is also recruiting an additional 450 agency shop floor employees at its factories in Staffordshire, Derbyshire and Wrexham – on top of 400 it began hiring earlier this year.

“It is fantastic news that so many colleagues have been given permanent JCB contracts. It’s a massive morale booster for everyone on the shop floor after a difficult 12 months.” 

JCB GMB Works Convenor Jim Barwise

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