CMC S23: A Jewel for the Restoration of the Palace of Westminster


London, UK – CMC, in conjunction with its official UK subsidiary CMC United Kingdom, has just delivered the CMC S23 Hybrid version to the Palace of Westminster, the House of the UK Parliament. The CMC S23 is the best-selling and most appreciated platform in the UK and it was delivered on Saturday 2nd April. Its purpose is to support the restoration and renewal program of work along with the general maintenance of this historic and iconic building of British politics. Built-in AD 1016, the Palace of Westminster is an icon of national identity, the seat of democracy in the UK, the workplace, and a tourist destination for thousands of people every year.

The existing Palace covers the same area as 16 football pitches and has four floors and 65 different levels. The Houses of Parliament Restoration and Renewal Programme is a national infrastructure project that will benefit local SMEs and will create training opportunities all over the country.

The aim is to provide a further boost to UK’s domestic economy, in a socio-economic period marked by pandemics and conflicts between states, which is causing significant changes in the lives of many companies. At the end of 2021 industry expert, Brian Fleckney from Star Platforms working alongside CMC UK won the tender to supply the prestigious Houses of Parliament with the CMC S23 Hybrid version.

Due to the age of the buildings, cultural significance, and the nature of the work to be undertaken, it required expert handling and negotiation to ensure that the machine acquired would be the best fit for the delicate restoration work.

The CMC S23 delivers a plethora of features and benefits that make it a perfect fit for the job. With a working height of 23 meters, unrestricted outreach of 12.4 meters, up and over clearance of 9 meters, and low weight, it is the most compact spider in its category.

These qualities, combined with the excellent technological content, have made it the perfect choice for overall competitors' products. In fact, the CMC S23 is a perfect platform to access all those hard-to-reach places and to work outside or inside buildings. This is also possible thanks to its adjustable track width allowing it to narrow to 85cm.

Moreover, the CMC S23 has variable outrigger positioning and enables its users to set up correctly and safely without risk of damage to the historic artefacts and architecture. In fact, the Palace of Westminster is already a part of the UNESCO world heritage site and creating a modern accessible Parliament.


The restoration and refurbishment programme for which CMC’s S23 was chosen will ensure that the Palace of Westminster will be preserved in all its majesty and that it will be appreciated by future generations.

Entering the Palace of Westminster with one of our platforms is just another international affirmation of Made in Italy, also in the engineering industry. Every day at CMC, more than 120 people work to achieve a precise objective: to become the reference brand at a global level in the market for self-propelled tracked platforms.

The successful outcome at such a prestigious customer as the thousand-year-old seat of the British Parliament is further confirmation of the validity of our choice: that of focusing and specializing on spider platforms, aiming at constantly improving processes, technologies, and economies of scale, so as offering the international market only products with the highest performance”

– Alessandro Mastrogiacomo, CMC’s Export Sales Manager

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