Compact Loaders: An Electric Partnership ‘Quietly’ Exciting the Market

Compact Loaders, based in Chesterfield Derbyshire, is the sole UK importer for both the Ecovolve Hi Tip Zero Emission Dumper range and the Sherpa Mini- Loader range, including the Sherpa 100 ECO and Sherpa 100 2 speed, which are all battery powered.

These machines make a great pairing for demolition works, especially for indoor projects.
Both these brands of machines are used throughout the world and are built to withstand the rigours of demolition work which means they have to be very robust, very reliable and can definitely work in harsher environments.

In fact, it is significant that the Ecovolve Hi Tip dumper range was originally designed specifically for the demolition market. In view of this, it is extremely well built, as the images illustrate. These machines work very effectively as a pairing to shift spoil and material from internal and congested sites. The Sherpa clears up and loads, while the Ecovolve (depending on the model) carts up to 1500 kgs of material per load.


Compact Loaders became the UK importer for both brands in 2019. In just a short time, they have supplied both of these machines into a number of hire fleets and to demolition and soft strip contractors throughout the UK.

They are great manpower savers over the traditional shovel and barrow method in restricted space and on top of this, both machines have exceptional battery run times so contractors can carry on working a full day between charges.

Compact Loaders: Sherpa & Ecovolve working together

The Ecovolve has a run time on an overnight charge of 8-10 hours. The Sherpa has a run time of 6-7 hours, however the battery on the Sherpa can be swapped on site for another fully charged unit. This means the end user really can operate for a full day with these machines. Furthermore, both the Ecovolve and Sherpa are narrow compact machines with a low closed height so ideal for negotiating corridors and doorways. They are also goods lift friendly.

Another very important feature (and sometimes one that can be overlooked) of these versatile machines is the benefits they bring in reducing noise levels, due to them being electric motor driven. They are much quieter than conventional engines which makes them ideal for working in noise sensitive areas such as hospitals, schools, etc.

With electric excavators becoming increasingly popular, leading to more manufacturers introducing models, it is easy to see how Ecovolve and Sherpa make ideal companions.
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