Construction Plant Security: What’s best for you?

Construction Plant Protection

Construction Plant Security is an important topic for UK Construction at the moment. At the beginning of lockdown in the UK, construction sites saw a 50% rise in Plant Theft. In April 2020, Combined Industry Theft Solutions (CITS) commented:

“As a result of the Coronavirus situation some construction sites have been forced to close, and personnel, including on site security have left. Under these circumstances, organised criminal gangs may try to exploit the situation.”

On top of this, plant theft claims have risen steadily over the past five years. Now, more than ever, it is important to ensure that machinery on site is properly secured. The question is: Which type of security is best for you?


Construction Plant Security: The CESAR Scheme

CESAR scheme exhibiting at the 2019 CPA annual conference

CESAR is the need-to-know construction industry security scheme. The scheme combines ‘state of the art Datatag ID technology, overt and covert deterrents, a low one-off cost to protect your machine for life, and a secure accredited 24/7 database’ to compact theft and aid recovery of construction plant.

CESAR has become the industry standard in terms of security, with support from many insurers and the police. In addition, the scheme boasts support from the Construction Equipment Association (CEA). The benefits of CESAR include:

  • The machine is 4 times less likely to be stolen (compared with statistics produced by IMIA)
  • The machine is 6 times more likely to be recovered if stolen
  • Visible and covert markings
  • No annual fees
  • Lower insurance premiums
  • Quick police access to the CESAR database

For more information on the CESAR scheme and its benefits, visit their website here.

Construction Plant Security: The Orchid Range

Offering similar protection services to CESAR, Black International allows users of their Orchid Range of devices to locate assets whenever required. With the use of a web application, the user can track any of their machines with an Orchid device installed. This is extremely useful to those machinery owners who are on the go or away from site as machinery can be located with the use of a smartphone app.

The devices have received positive feedback from customers in the UK plant industry.

“We’ve installed the “Orchid Plus Devices” into our plant machinery as they’re always left on-site and so far they’ve been great. Every time we’ve requested it’s location, it’s always come back quickly and exactly where it should be. After previously having a 9 Tonne Dumper stolen and our telematic tracker removed and dispatched into the nearby field, it’s now great to know that our equipment is protected and due to the fact that these devices are so small/discreet then hopefully if they ever try again, we’ll catch them and recover our kit.”

M & M Civil Engineering, Leeds

For more information about the Orchid range visit the Black international website here.

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