Contractor Tech spinout SafeTo seeks to simplify safety tech on the job

SafeTo, a groundbreaking construction crew management and safety technology startup, announces its official launch. A product of the collaboration between Deloury Construction and Hedgehog Labs, SafeTo seeks to redefine construction site safety by focusing on crew management and seamlessly integrating safety protocols into daily planning and task execution.

Born out of the vast experience of Dave Deloury, president of Deloury Construction, SafeTo is a cutting-edge application designed to provide contractors and their crews with easy access to crew scheduling, crew tasks management, safety information, tools, processes, and additional crew management solutions. By incorporating these vital elements directly into the planning of the day, assigning tasks, preparing for the shift, and executing work, SafeTo makes safety an inherent part of the entire operation, thereby greatly reducing risks.

“SafeTo is the culmination of four decades of construction operations experience and expertise. We recognized the need to make safety more than just a protocol – to integrate it into the fabric of our everyday operations. With SafeTo, we aim to bridge that gap and disrupt the paradigm of safety as a top-down model in construction firms,” said Dave Deloury. Deloury goes on to say, “As a contractor we looked at all of the existing archaic solutions.  Even the newer apps took the same old approach to safety, treating it as a burden, and requiring workers to engage in a complex system. These tools are inadequate, they don’t improve the status quo, they are difficult to adopt, and they are all very expensive. That is totally unnecessary, and it’s not how leadership is going to get workers to fully embrace safety as a part of their work and culture.”

The application was initially developed in stealth mode with the elite Hedgehog Labs before being introduced by the SafeTo team. This thoughtful and comprehensive approach to its creation means the application is tailored to meet the unique demands and potential hazards of construction sites, keeping workers safe and projects on track. It promises to transform not just individual projects but also the entire construction industry by putting safety at the forefront of operations.

“We’ve designed SafeTo to be as accessible and as easy to use as possible,” added Deloury. “We want every team, on every site, to have the tools they need to work safely and efficiently.”

SafeTo is now available as a web application in your browser, and can also be downloaded from Google Play and the Apple Store for licensed users, making it effortlessly reachable for all users, regardless of their preferred platform. With SafeTo, construction safety becomes an integral part of the job, ensuring the well-being of crews and the success of projects.

SafeTo is presently inviting contractors interested in improving crew management, team safety and performance to try SafeTo. For those interested in implementing SafeTo’s comprehensive safety solution, visit the website or contact them to learn more at [email protected].

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