CPA Response to Chancellor’s Speech on the Economy

Following Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s speech on the economy earlier on Friday 27th January, Kevin Minton, Chief Executive of the Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) said: “The Chancellor is right to focus on lowering inflation and working towards economic stability, however we need to address and improve the UK’s performance on business investment if we are to compete in the international environment. Committing to deliver HS2 is vital in building business confidence, driving economic growth, and improving the UK’s rail infrastructure.”

Editor’s Note: The Construction Plant-hire Association (CPA) is the largest trade association for the plant-hire sector in the UK. The CPA has over 1,700 members, who supply 85% of hired plant to the construction industry. The organisation is the UK’s principal point of contact for all issues relating to the use of construction plant.

The CPA works with government departments and agencies, local authorities, construction clients, private companies, other trade associations, and third sector organisations, on issues including employee health and safety, machinery standards and emissions control, public safety and road transport, skills and employment. The CPA publishes a wide range of guidance documents which are distributed widely throughout the construction industry and many are available for immediate free download from the CPA website at The CPA supports a number of Special Interest Groups, which tackle issues within specialist sectors.

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