First new Liebherr mobile construction crane for Poland

An MK 88-4.1 mobile construction crane is the first new machine from the MK series in Poland. The company Piomar sp. z o.o. owns several mobile cranes built at Liebherr’s Ehingen site and has also decided in favour of Swabian manufacturing for its new taxi crane.

Łukasz Fuksa, CEO of the Polish lifting company Piomar, came to Biberach/Riß in person to collect the new crane, “We have had some really positive experiences with Liebherr’s Customer Service regarding our mobile crane fleet. Our existing partnership with Liebherr and the crane’s parameters proved decisive for us.” The crane will carry out its first lifts at a logistics centre, where roof panels are being fitted.

A wide range of uses

Roof renovations of this kind are a typical area of operation for Liebherr mobile construction cranes. Densely populated inner city environments allow the MK to work to its full potential. Its compact design and luffed position options allow the crane to work close to buildings. The length of its jib is used to maximum effect. A special hybrid power concept supplies the MK with the power it needs. In addition to self-sufficient operation via a diesel generator, the crane can also be operated in electric mode. By using on-site electricity, it is able to operate with zero local emissions and very little noise. This is ideal for residential areas as well as construction sites where work is also carried out at night. If a road closure is necessary, the crane can be used with half-sided support, depending on its operating parameters, which reduces its footprint and therefore the area to be closed off.

Flexible taxi crane

The MK 88-4.1 can lift up to eight tonnes; up to 2,200 kilograms are still possible at maximum radius. It can be operated in different luffed positions: a 45-degree angle enables a hook height of up to approx. 59 metres and a maximum radius of 45 metres. A height-adjustable elevating operator’s cab offers a clear view of the load, and smart assistance systems support the crane operator.

Different steering programmes ensure that the MK 88-4.1 fits into any number of construction gaps. Only one person is needed for transport, assembly, and all crane operation. The crane unfolds at the push of a button within just a few minutes, and without the need for any other resources. It can be dismantled again just as quickly and is then ready to set off for its next construction site. This taxi crane concept makes it easy to cover several locations on the same day.

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