HL975A CVT wheel loader impresses french quarrying specialists LRM with fuel economy


Following a product demonstration day, organised by Hyundai dealer CS Matériel at the LRM quarry in Lunel, the quarrying specialists were so impressed with the HL975A CVT wheel loader that they immediately purchased one for use at their new quarry at Pic-Saint Loup.

LRM, which stands for Languedoc Roussillon Matériaux is owned 50% by Razel Bec (Fayat) and Eurovia (Vinci). The new LRM quarry, situated in Hérault at Liols le Fort, covers almost 27 hectares and is licensed to operate until 2047 for up to 500,000 tonnes per year, extracting limestone for concrete production.

The HL975A arrived in April 2022 and by the end of the year had already clocked up almost 1,200 hours of operation. Dedicated exclusively to this quarry, its main activity is to load customer trucks and is working on site for 9 hours every day.

High productivity, low fuel consumption.

A key factor in the purchase of this model was the HL975A’s fuel consumption which is operating at 13 litres per hour. “These machines are very economical compared with others, and in the current economic climate, we are more aware than ever of factors like fuel consumption. It’s using around 3 to 4 litres less than its equivalent competitor model – the fact that it is a CVT model also makes a difference to its fuel economy” commented Jean-Marc Boyer, Director of LRM.


Unparalleled Service.

Benoit Demangeot, Operations Manager at the quarry:

“Our number one priority is service and the dealer has made a huge difference. If we have a problem, our dealer responds quickly which is crucial – our machines can’t be inactive, we need them running all the time. We have confidence in this machine and the brand, and above all we have confidence in Thierry Jacquot of CS Matériel. His serious approach and professionalism makes all the difference.”

He continued: “Our operator is full of praise for this model. There’s no lack of adjectives: flexible, robust, comfortable – we can’t ask for more.”

“There’s no lack of adjectives: flexible, robust, comfortable – we can’t ask for more”

Benoit Demangeot, Operations Manager, LRM

“These machines are very economical – and in the current climate we are more aware than ever of fuel consumption.”

Jean-Marc Boyer, Director of LRM.

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