Meet The Team

Brendon Cook
Managing Director

With experience building and running multiple businesses, Brendon is a highly motivated person that drives the team forwards. As a New Zealander, Brendon is always keen to put on a BBQ and loves a G&T!

Darren Shelton
Business Manager

Darren has over 12 years experience within media sales, across various sectors, including Marine, weekly Classifieds, Equestrian & Horticulture. He has worked at various levels from Sales Executive up to Senior Management Positions.

Darren has a vast experience in a number of martial arts, currently  focusing on Wing Chun.

Hannah Bounford, BA(Hons), MA
Head of Editing and Design

Hannah recently graduated University with a Research MA and is passionate about the arts and writing. Known as the queen of to-do lists in the office, Hannah is in charge of editorial content and magazine layout.

Ioana Palosanu
Junior IT Technician

Ioana is in charge of website design for Plant Planet, ensuring everything is running smoothly 'behind the scenes'. While studying Computer Science at University, Ioana likes to play lacrosse and hopes to study abroad in the future!