Nixon Hire Shifts Gears to Secure and Strengthen Its Market Leadership

Industry leader reinforces dedication to accommodation, welfare, and renewables through plant fleet optimisation

Reflecting a shift in customer demand and buying habits for products in the equipment rental sector, Nixon Hire have announced that following a strategic review, they will continue their national growth journey in the supply of site accommodation, welfare facilities, toilets, renewable power and solar solutions. Large plant will continue to be an offer within the north-east of England through Newcastle and Stockton depots. In all other areas large plant requirements will be met through strategic partnerships with Nixon Hire.

Established as a plant hire company since 1967, Nixon Hire entered the site accommodation marketplace in 1987. In the 36 years since then, they have made significant investment into the division as well as pioneering the introduction of welfare facilities and renewable site solutions, all developed to meet their customers’ site safety, welfare and net zero carbon requirements. With nearly £90 million invested into site accommodation, welfare and renewable products in the past 6 years, Nixon Hire are serious about providing their customers with modern innovative equipment featuring the latest technology.

Chief Financial Officer at Nixon Hire, John Hudson said, “2023 has underlined which of our products are most valued by our customers and where we should direct our future support. For example, our accommodation and welfare cabins, have received great feedback especially when paired with power options, such as solar pods or battery storage units, providing both financial and carbon emission savings. This was no accident – we heavily invested in these products in 2023, and plan to invest even more to meet our customers’ needs and further support plans towards achieving net carbon zero sites.”

Nixon Hire CEO, Graham Nixon commented, “I am really excited about the bright future of Nixon Hire. We remain an ever evolving and growing company and we have taken the opportunity to refocus our resources and commit to a robust programme of investment into developing and delivering the products and services our customers require. Large plant is popular and in demand in the North East and that is where we will serve those customers and we will continue to do it well. We will also continue to offer an exceptional service and invest in large plant for those Depots. This is by no means our exit from large plant. We certainly don’t want customers to think that we are winding down our service and fleet in the North East now or in the future – this is simply not the case.”

“As part of this fleet rationalisation, and stock disposal, you will see some of our large plant equipment being sold. This will be a great opportunity for buyers to acquire some Nixon Hire large plant stock. The full proceeds, and more, will be reinvested in further growing our accommodation, welfare and renewable power fleet.” Graham concluded, “We steadfastly remain an organisation customers can rely on. We will continue to be a one stop site solution provider on a national basis, and we have plans to further expand our depot network in 2024.”

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