Piling Equipment Ltd release Cobra T12000

Piling Equipment Ltd continues to remain at the centre of the mini piling revolution. Recently the firm released its latest and eagerly anticipated rotary rig, the Cobra T12000. With clever engineering and ergonomically designed machines, it is easy to understand why the Cobra range is fast becoming the compact piling rig of choice.

The Cobra concept is simple: a compact yet powerful machine which performs all standard piling functions but integrates a variety of upgraded modern attributes. The T12000 is fully customisable yet incorporates many features as standard. From the state-of-the-art Hatz engine enabling better fuel economy, lower emissions, and a reduction in engine noise, to the increased lifting capacity and all-round ease of operation. The Cobra range satisfies the changing needs of consumers and provides a fresh aesthetic to the mini piling industry.


Initially the Cobra range was blueprinted by Piling Equipment Ltd. Once the core design was determined, the company combined forces with German manufacturers Adler Arbeitsmaschinen. Utilising Adler’s unprecedented engineering and manufacturing skills, the Cobra series was further developed with additional variants being released, including the first Cobra drophammer the D500. Currently, Cobra drophammers (D500 and D1000) are manufactured in Germany, whilst the majority of Cobra models, including the T12000, are created and constructed here in the UK.

The much-anticipated Cobra T12000 is the ideal rig for working on restricted access and low headroom sites. With a basic weight of 2850kg, a minimum height of 1730mm, a maximum height of 2350mm, a minimum width of 780mm and a maximum width of 1200mm, the T12000 has a reduced footprint and fully adjustable rubber tracks, enabling it to easily fit through gateways and doorways and work extremely well in confined spaces. Piling Equipment Ltd.’s Managing Director, Mark Symes said: “We are very excited to be producing a range of machines which are so iconic. It’s important, especially in these times, to build British and buy British!”

To discover more about Piling Equipment Ltd.’s Cobra T12000 please visit www.piling-equipment-ltd.com/products/rigs/cobra/cobra-t12000 or contact [email protected] for additional details, technical specifications, and finance options.

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