SANY’s First Intelligent Battery Swapping Station Debuts


Recently, SANY’s first intelligent battery swapping station made its debut with a staged demonstration, signifying another major breakthrough in SANY’s electrification progress.    

The show began with a SANY heavy truck docking at the battery swapping station. The driver then scanned a QR code, triggering a series of actions including automatic vehicle unlocking, automatic battery replacement and vehicle locking. The whole procedure took less than five minutes, during which the driver never needed to exit the cab but had a mini assistant vehicle helping with all the operations.

At a size of 15×3.3×6.6 cubic meters, the station covers an area of less than 50 square meters within which a variety of necessary facilities are available, including an intelligent charging system, a vehicle positioning system, an automatic battery swapping control system, a UPS emergency power supply, an automatic fire-fighting system and more.     

According to Wang Lei, deputy head of SANY Heavy Truck Electrification Research Institute, eight battery slots are available, one of which is a back-up slot. As the charging time is less than one hour, the unmanned station is able to provide as many as 168 fully-automatic battery swapping services a day.

SANY’s intelligent battery swapping station is highly integrated. Prior to its operation, all facilities are properly tuned and packed in two containers, enabling fast transportation and installation in a single day. In addition, the station is compatible with various kinds of SANY engineering vehicles such as heavy trucks, dump trucks, mixer trucks and loaders.

 Rechargeable batteries, swappable batteries and hydrogen fuel are the three solutions proposed for SANY’s future fuel strategy. SANY has released multiple electric models with both rechargeable and swappable batteries, covering product lines including heavy trucks, dump trucks and truck mixers, among others.   

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