SMT GB Officially Appointed as a Unicontrol Distributor in Great Britain


The Unicontrol 3D machine control system can now be retrofitted to the majority of construction equipment products in Great Britain.

Created by Danish developers in collaboration with Scandinavian contractors, Unicontrol’s system has not just been designed with the operator in mind, but as a  platform that grows with end users through adoption of machine control technology.

The result of this collaborative development approach is a straightforward, intuitive and user-friendly system that offers operators the ability to progress through projects with greater speed and precision.

Utilising advanced GPS and 3D modelling technology, Unicontrol’s 3D machine control system allows operators to work more independently, as the indicative system provides accurate information on required digging depths, grades and shapes for the operator to work to.

Designed to be retrofitted to machines, the system represents a retainable investment for customers, as one of the key advantages of the Unicontrol 3D machine control system over other competing systems is its versatility, as it is not tied to any one machine within a customer’s fleet and is designed to be interchangeable.


Additionally, with the benefits of the system extending far beyond the cab, Unicontrol uses a powerful cloud-based app to allow customers to manage both their fleet and projects effectively.

Using the app, a customer’s engineering and fleet management teams can create entire projects digitally, assign specific machines fitted with Unicontrol’s system from their fleet to carry out these projects, view insight data from the machines working on the project and, if required, even make adjustments to the project as it progresses.

Commenting on SMT GB’s appointment as the largest Unicontrol distributor in Great Britain, Product Manager John Lawrence states: “The UK market is faced with many challenges. Making a cost-effective, easy-to-use 3D machine control system available to construction companies will alleviate some of that pressure.”

Unicontrol Chief Commercial Officer Ehsanullah Ehklas adds: “The UK market faces the same challenges as the entire industry, shortages of skilled labour, tighter cost controls and escalating supply chain pressures. A cost-effective, easy-to-use 3D machine control system will remove some of that pressure, and ensure that the operator can do their work quickly and safely. SMT GB’s service level and expertise are an excellent match for us, and we look forward to introducing the benefits of Unicontrol 3D to the UK market together!”

Concluding, John adds: “Unicontrol 3D provides exactly what the industry has been looking for – a simple and user-friendly 3D machine control solution. Its adaptability is key to what I feel makes a great product. Unicontrol was the first system available for excavators, and has now evolved to offer a blade, wheel loader and survey rover system. The Unicontrol cloud allows the complete array of solutions to cohabit seamlessly.” To learn more about Unicontrol, please visit the SMT GB website.

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