Sydenhams Hire clean up with a Trime X-WASH wash bay.

Supplying customers with clean and properly serviced equipment must be a top priority for any hire firm, and Sydenhams Hire is no exception.

When the company decided to relocate one of its branches into a new building, rather than incur the expense and inconvenience of digging out an interceptor, they sort out an alternative route.

As an avid reader of the leading hire industry publication, Executive Hire News, Richard​ Chalmers, Sydenhams Technical, Health and Safety Director, spotted an advertisement for the Trime X-WASH wash bay and immediately saw that this could be an ideal product for their new branch. To be absolutely certain that this was the best path Richard visited a company already using a Trime X-WASH and he quickly determined that this was the right solution.

Richard​ explained, “The branch where we first installed an X-WASH, love it, and they have saved time by not having to wash down the yard every day. We have since put one into another branch as they could see that it was a very good set up and solves the problem of containing the soil when cleaning machines.”

“The fact that it reuses the water is a huge benefit, not only to our bills but also to the environment. It is so simple to clean out the soil when it needs to be done. The service which we have had from Trime has been very good, they have listened to our needs and guided us to buy the correct bay to suit us,” added Richard.

The award-winning, Trime X-WASH wash bay is an ecological, flexible cleaning system for most types of plant and machinery. It prevents soil pollution and contamination of drains, from oil, grease, and similar chemical contaminants commonly associated with the regular cleaning of off-hired equipment. Trime UK offers a complete delivery, installation, and training programme for all purchasers of the X-WASH system.

Sydenhams Hire employs over forty staff across eight hire centre locations. They can supply everything from the smallest power tool, carpet cleaner, or floor sander, right the way up to a 3-ton excavator or dumper. Each branch stocks a full range of sales items including power tools, accessories, consumables, and spares from many leading brands. Some of their hire centres are located close to Sydenham’s timber and builders merchant branches. They have branches in the South West and in the South of England.

Trime has significant experience in supplying a range of sustainable equipment to the UK equipment hire markets. The Trime manufacturing plants are based near Milan and Trime UK is situated in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire.

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