Tidal defences to get the once-over with new dry sprayed concrete

Engineering contractors can save valuable time on tidal defence repairs using a new dry sprayed concrete that can be built up to 400mm thickness in just one pass.

Coastal environments put a variety of constraints on a structural repair project. Although tides can be predicted with a high degree of accuracy, there is still only a limited window to prepare and complete the works.

The new webercem spray RSF from Saint-Gobain Weber has been designed to help specialist contractors reduce the time needed on site by using alkali resistant glass fibres that allows up to 400mm thickness to be applied to vertical faces in one pass. The additional fibres give the concrete a higher tensile strength, improves bond strength and resistance to cracking, but does not impact the time it takes to set.

Mohammed Aljan, head of infrastructure at Saint-Gobain Weber, said:

“Even with the additional section thickness, webercem spray RSF will still set within 10 minutes, preventing wash out from any tidal action or flowing water.  Having the ability to spray an extra high-build in one pass will allow  specialist contractors to continue spraying and complete the job that much quicker, reducing time required for the activity itself but also risks associated on site with tidal defence projects

“One of the other benefits of this product is that the formulation has been created specifically for the dry spray method of application, so has reduced rebound and excellent sprayability. Less product is lost during the spraying process, making the whole application more time and cost efficient for contractors.”

webercem spray RSF is the latest addition to Weber’s well-established range of dry spray concretes. It conforms with BS EN 1504-3 as a Class R4 structural repair product, making it ideal for any rapid repairs to projects not only within coastal situations, but also bridges and other areas where a rapid set and strength gain is required. Anti-carbonation coatings, such as webercote smooth or webercote EC, can also be applied once fully cured to offer greater protection where required.

For more information on webercem spray RSF, visit the Saint-Gobain Weber website: www.uk.weber/webercem-spray-rsf

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