Why sponsor The Digital Future?

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Our first digital construction conference will feature a host of speakers who are real change-makers in the construction industry. New developments in technology are on everyone’s minds, and at the forefront of improving work efficiency and site safety in construction site. In the two-hour session, The Digital Future will seek answers to how technology will impact the future of construction, and what changes the industry can expect and lead themselves. The event is aimed at professionals in industry and will be attended by the likes of contractors, plant operators, OEMs, and more, creating a unique environment of expertise and knowledge-sharing. Plant Planet has a reach of 103,351 across all our social platforms. Our newsletter reaches 23,000 relevant industry professionals, and Plant Planet magazine has a loyal and engaged readership, establishing The Digital Future as a conference that is not to be missed.

Speakers and guests

The Digital Future has a leading line-up of knowledgeable thinkers from top companies in construction and business. The accomplished journalist, speaker and presenter Declan Curry, will be chairing the conference. Declan Curry is a former business correspondent for BBC Breakfast, and has been a business journalist for more than twenty-five years. Rob Oliver, CEO of the Construction Equipment Association (CEA), will be featured as a keynote speaker. The CEA are a pillar in the construction industry, and Rob Oliver has over twenty years of experience as the CEO. He will be sharing his insights into the topic of digital technology, and the current and upcoming issues in the construction industry. Bill Hill, CEO of Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity will be joining the line-up. Bill Hill has been instrumental in raising the profile of the charity and launching the Construction Industry Helpline since joining the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity as CEO in 2013. The Lighthouse Club are the only charity which provide wellbeing support to construction workers and their families. Their work has been a vital source of support to the industry, drawing attention to many important issues which construction workers face, providing advice on emotional, financial and physical health.

What you can expect

The Digital Future will be led and attended by professionals who are looking to form new relationships and to build connections between their brands. Discussing prospective issues, The Digital Future hope to empower the construction industry with new knowledge about what changes technology will bring to the daily lives of people in construction. The Digital Future is aiming to provide a platform for facilitating discussion and leading change.

This live conference has the power to connect new and engaged audiences to your brand from across the country. The Digital Future is currently offering an exclusive sponsorship package, featuring a 15-minute speaking slot. You could benefit from significant exposure to your brand to a targeted audience. Don’t miss this opportunity – get in touch with Phil from our sales team for more information on our website, or by calling on (+44) 01243 345312.

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