Top 10 Instagram Pages to Follow Today

The world of Construction is fast evolving. It can be challenging to stay up to date on the latest happenings in the industry whilst maintain your busy lifestyle. Social media allows an easy way of staying in the know. By following these 10 pages on Instagram, you’ll be able to easily keep up to date with the latest industry news.

Balfour Beatty

Having started on Instagram in 2016, Balfour Beatty now have almost 5,000 followers. The Instagram page features video interviews with industry experts, as well as exciting news about the field of construction. The page focuses a lot on technology, keeping it up to date and relevant to the fast-paced sector.

Pro Tool Reviews

This Instagram page has over 134,000 followers. The page’s bio describes it as ‘A pro-targeted tool review publication for tradesmen, contractors, and anyone who uses tools regularly!’

Cat Construction

Heavy machinery-based Instagram page Cat Construction has 163,000 followers, and is the official Instagram of Cat Construction Products. The Instagram shares pictures of trucks, loaders, bulldozers, and excavators. The page is great if you want plant machinery showing up on your news feed.

Carabini Construction

Dublin-based Carabini Construction is run by young, fresh, up and coming talent. The page features pictures and updates of their latest construction projects, as well as short videos of the crew in action.


This page describes itself as ‘Woodworking Education’, and boasts an impressive 406,000 followers. The page shows impressive woodworking projects through way of pictures and videos. The page has a friendly vibe that allows for much follower interaction via the comment section.

BAM Nuttall

Whilst this page also keeps followers up to date on projects, it focuses a lot on the company’s charity work. The site tells followers the latest news in regards to events they have attended, as well as what they have been doing for charity. The Instagram is very event-heavy, with less videos and more pictures of the team.


For those interested in the training of fresh talent and education, CITB is worth a follow. The page currently has 2,126 followers and keeps people up to date with the latest on-goings with regards to training young talent for a career in construction. The sites bio describes it as ‘Sector Skills Council and Industry Training Board for the construction industry. Delivering a safe, professional and fully qualified workforce.’


If you prefer seeing videos to pictures, this page is perfect for you to follow. It features many short clips of construction workers and heavy machinery in action. The page is very interactive, allowing followers to send in their own clips for the page to share. A great page for the heavy machinery lovers amongst you!


If you want something more humorous popping up on your news feed, then give this page a follow. It shares pictures and videos of workers in construction, accompanied by funny and whimsical captions.


This page describes itself as an internet company that is a ‘collaborative network empowering the commercial construction industry with easy-to-use technology.’. The page allows followers to tag them in their own posts to be in with a chance of being features on the page. The Instagram is heavy machinery focused, giving you your daily fix of plant machinery.

All follower amounts were accurate at the time of writing this article.

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