Boels UK expand their fleet of lighting towers with Trime UK

A Boels X-ECO lighting set

Boels Rental, the UK division of the leading Dutch organisation are expanding and strengthening their hire fleet of lighting towers. The company has just purchased a further one hundred X-ECO LED lighting sets from the Cambridgeshire based company, Trime UK.

With this latest investment, the Boels UK fleet of Trime X-ECO LED sets has risen to over for hundred units. These new lights have been distributed throughout their network of UK depots for use on construction sites, highway projects, outside events and anywhere else where safe, bright lighting is a requirement.

The Boels UK lighting fleet is exclusively based solely on Trime machines.

Gary Darley, National Operations Manager for Boels UK said, “We believe that the Trime X-ECO LED sets are the best product on the market that suits our business requirements. In addition our customers appreciate the instant LED lighting and their fuel saving attributes.”

“The service and support we get from Trime UK is first class and has often been remarked upon by our customers who appreciate the knowledge that our people possess about the operation and features of the Trime machines,” added Gary.

Sustainability is at the heart of the X-ECO LED. Its’ compact, energy saving features have made it a market leading lighting tower, particularly within the UK hire industry. The X-ECO LED was first introduced into the UK market in 2016. Hire firms appreciate the X-ECO’s robust build and their customers value its fuel-conservation qualities. The wider environment is served by the X-Eco’s low noise and reduced carbon emissions. Safety is heightened by the AMOSS safety system, which automatically lowers the mast if the lighting set is moved whilst the mast is still erected

Boels Rental was formed in 1977. The company has grown from 20 branches in 3 countries to more than 430 branches in 11 countries; this includes over 30 branches throughout the UK.

Trime Group is a market leader in the manufacture and supply of environmentally sustainable lighting sets for the construction, event, rail and event markets. Trime UK is headquartered in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire; their manufacturing plant is based near Milan, Italy.

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