Astrak Expands DuraLine XD Stabiliser Pad Range


After the massive success of the company’s line of pads for Brokk® demolition machinery, the DuraLine XD has a new addition in the form of a stabiliser pad explicitly designed to fit robotic equipment manufactured by Husqvarna®.

Remote-controlled demolition robots can be found in some of the harshest and challenging environments within the demolition arena and ensure site operations remain efficient while reducing the risk of accidents. 

Machinery has to be kept at its optimum to protect the operator and those on-site from potentially dangerous situations. Specialist robotic technology is rapidly becoming the way forward for the demolition industry. 

100% Compatible with Husqvarna® demolition machines

The DuraLine XD stabiliser pad range is produced within Astrak’s specialist manufacturing facilities from a specially developed abrasion-resistant rubber compound, ensuring a perfect fit to DXR140, DXR270, DXR300 and DXR310 machines.


Each stabiliser pad is supplied as a complete footplate assembly (x1 pad plus x4 fixing bolts) ready for fitting.

Customers across the UK are already reporting that these rubber pads are more durable and longer-lasting than the current OEM offering.

Supporting industry

This latest addition proudly joins the Astrak stable of market-leading undercarriage produced to support remote-controlled demolition equipment operators.

Our DuraLine and DuraLine Plus rubber pads have already re-written the quality standard throughout the construction industry and are already the first choice for operators across Europe.

DuraLine XD – a zero-risk solution from a partner you can trust. 

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