Bill Hill on The Digital Future!

Bill Hill

Join Plant Planet: The Digital Future at 10am on 11th May. 

With less than a month to go, Plant Planet’s online conference, The Digital Future aims to bring industry leaders together and encourage thoughtful discussion on the benefits of technology in construction plant and exploring the new developments in technology at the forefront of improving work efficiency and site safety. In the two-hour session, The Digital Future will seek answers to how technology will impact the future of construction, and what changes the industry can expect and lead themselves. 

The Digital Future has a leading line-up of knowledgeable thinkers from top companies in construction and business. Bill Hill, CEO of Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity will be joining the line-up of industry-leading speakers. Bill Hill has been instrumental in raising the profile of the charity and launching the Construction Industry Helpline since joining the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity as CEO in 2013. The Lighthouse Club are the only charity which provide wellbeing support to construction workers and their families. 

In the Digital Future Conference, Bill Hill will be discussing the construction industry, its physical and mental challenges, and how, together with their partners and donors, the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity implement their work to ensure no worker or family feels alone in a crisis. Bill Hill will explore how the Lighthouse Charity continues to provide 24/7 help and support to those inside the hard hat.

To find out more on the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, join us at Plant Planet: The Digital Future online conference! 

The Digital Future conference is free to attend and is an event not to be missed! The Digital Future will begin at 10:00am on the 11th of May via Zoom. You can get your ticket and find out more information about the event here.

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