Introducing the DS110 Dust Suppression – the latest innovation from Dragon Equipment

Introducing the DS110 Dust Suppression unit – the latest innovation from engineering innovators Dragon Equipment. Built entirely in the UK, the DS110 looks to address the growing concern of dangerous dust and air pollution on construction sites.

Under the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2020, the HSE advises construction sites to control, assess and review dust on all construction sites. Guidance from the HSE says that for effective dust suppression, water should be supplied at a high enough quantity and at the correct level, for the entirety of the job. The DS110 has been designed specifically to enable construction sites to safely and effectively control any substance that might be in the air.


Whether cutting roof tiles, demolishing a concrete building or sanding down wood, the DS110 uses a high pressure piston pump requiring a 36l per minute feed to nebulise 29l of water a minute into a spray of high pressurised water vapour. Capable of spraying up to 23m, it immediately suppresses any particles in the surrounding atmosphere. As standard, its nozzle can rotate 110degrees left to right, and 45degrees up and down, both via remote control or local at the machine, so the spray can target the exact required location.

The machine features a state-of-the-art remote control unit, which enables 100% remote control of the unit from tracking into position, creating up to an 8-point programme with the in-built teach function, moving and adjusting the nozzle, and stopping and starting the machine. Control of the entire operation can be completed from a safe distance, or from the safety of an excavator cab, putting no personnel close to the danger. The built-in teach function also means the machine can target the specific demolition area with a concentrated and continuous water supply.

Additional features include:

  • All terrain tracks
  • Anti-vibration mounting
  • Additional high pressure water lance
  • Tow ball for up to 3,000l bowser
  • 670kg weight and 700mm width
  • Available with the HATZ 1B50 diesel engine, or the Vanguard 400 14HP petrol engine
  • Hybrid option available with self-charge battery system

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