New Operating System Released to Enhance Performance of JF Prolec Slew and Height Limiters


On the 1st of April 2022, James Fisher Prolec released a revolutionary system upgrade for their PME range of slew and height limiters. The new software, version 2.1, gives operators even more control and choice.

An upgrade that puts safety first and gives experienced operators the freedom to get the job done

Software version 2.1 of JF Prolec Slew and Height Limiters improves the operator experience in two ways. First, with the fully proportional control system. Historically, excavator safety systems brought machines to a hard stop some distance from hazards. Version 2.1 prevents these unnecessary pre-emptive safety interventions by gradually slowing the machine to a halt as it approaches the limit. In short, this allows for smooth articulation right up to the danger zone.

The potential productivity gains here are huge. Experienced operators can work efficiently near hazards, for example, under power lines or adjacent to an open lane of traffic, without compromising the integrity of the site. Plus, the smoother stops afforded by the fully proportional control system reduce wear and tear on the machines. This means less lost time and expense on maintenance and repairs – a boon excavator owners will be keen to enjoy.


Second, there is the addition of a new start-up screen. James Fisher Prolec’s Product Manager, Chris Mead, explains, “We’ve made it straightforward for the operator or site supervisor to confirm the safety features that are needed for the site, and the work that is being done. We recognise that productivity is key, so we’ve made it just as easy to specify when slew, height or stability control isn’t needed, so that the operator can get on with the job.”

The latest development in a history of innovation

James Fisher Prolec has been at the forefront of construction safety systems for forty years. Their range of height and slew limiters are made to maximise the productivity of excavators without sacrificing safety. This almost always involves finding innovative solutions to complex problems. Chris Mead says, “We’ve always designed our own systems from the ground up. We fully understand the safety integrity of every component, and we have huge flexibility in an industry that is facing supply chain challenges across the board.”

As the pressures on the construction industry continue to mount, software version 2.1 is evidence James Fisher Prolec is rising to the challenge with leading-edge solutions for their range of excavator safety systems.

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