Notre-Dame Rebuild Pledge by Manitowoc

Many have pledged to the Notre-Dame Rebuild

Manitowoc have pledged to aid the Notre-Dame Rebuild.

Following the fire that caused large-scale damage to Notre-Dame de Paris, Potain, Manitowoc’s manufacturer of tower cranes, has pledged to support reconstruction efforts of the historic French cathedral.

Manitowoc will provide tower cranes and related services free of charge. The terms of this offer have now been officially presented to the authorities.

“It seemed natural to us that Potain, our tower crane brand that for more than 90 years has been involved in the construction of the most emblematic works of French architecture, is committed to rebuilding Notre Dame de Paris. Our cranes and technical expertise will be there to meet the challenge of a rapid reconstruction of the cathedral,” said Barry Pennypacker, president and CEO of The Manitowoc Company, Inc.

French President Emmanual Macron has said the French government would like to see the 11th Century Cathedral rebuilt within 5 years. Following the catastrophic fire that broke out on the 15th April 2019, many have pledged to help fund the Notre-Dame rebuild.

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