Snorkel UK Bring Zero Emission Solutions to the Executive Hire Show


On the 9th February 2022, Snorkel UK returned to the Executive Hire Show, highlighting zero emission lifting equipment solutions for the hire sector.

With a 50sqm stand inside Hall 1 Snorkel UK showcased the Snorkel S2755RTE lithium-electric narrow rough terrain scissor lift as a representation of Snorkel’s range of nine zero emission four-wheel drive models.  Measuring just 1.45m, the Snorkel S2755RTE can reach a maximum working height of 10.1m and can lift capacities up to 300kg. Equipped with maintenance-free lithium-ion battery packs with a built-in battery management system (BMS), the S2755RTE offers a true zero emission rough terrain solution, without compromising on the reliability and four-wheel drive capabilities of the diesel equivalents.

In both test conditions and real-life applications, the standard two battery pack system has been proven to deliver at least an eight-hour shift on a single charge, and in some cases, up to one week between charges, subject to usage. Unlike lead acid batteries, the charging pattern for lithium-ion batteries is designed to seamlessly fit into a normal working day schedule and can be top-up charged during breaks and shift changes.


Designed for outdoor applications, a powerful and efficient AC electric motor creates efficiencies in the hydraulic drive system with higher torque than a diesel engine, which in turn provides improved gradeability and enhanced performance on rough terrain than traditional combustion scissor lifts.

The electric motor also delivers up to 62% less jobsite noise than the diesel equivalent, enabling the lifts to be used indoors or in work environments with noise regulations, and with no engine fan, dust generation is reduced for safer and cleaner operation in low emission zones and green cities. With minimal battery and electrical system maintenance required, servicing costs are reduced by up to 93% when compared to an engine, while also eliminating the costs and risks of waste oil and filter disposal.

Alongside the Snorkel S2755RTE, Snorkel UK displayed a range of other electric products, powered by lead acid batteries. These models include a Snorkel A38E electric articulated boom lift, a Snorkel TM12 telescopic mast lift, a Snorkel S3010E self-propelled mini scissor lift, and the Snorkel S3010P push-around scissor lift.

On display outside of the show as visitors arrive at the Ricoh Arena was a Snorkel TL37J trailer mounted boom lift is drawing attention to the recently revised towing regulations in the U.K.

The additional test requirement for towing in the U.K. has been removed, which means that anyone with a standard car license can tow up to 3,500kg. Snorkel has 27 different models that can be moved on trailers up to 3,500kg MAM, as well as a range of trailer mounted booms with maximum working heights ranging from 12.9m to 16.7m.

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